Join us on October 9 at Burke Town School

5:30 - 7pm

Join us for our first annual Community Gathering

One Burke Mission

One Burke promotes a collaborative community and enhances our vibrant, safe and healthy town.

Vision for Burke’s Future

These points of vision were compiled from vision statements that were shared during Community Visit Meetings and supported by the majority of participants at the Resource Meeting and an online survey. The statements represent broad hopes that the majority of responding residents have for the long term good of the Burke community.

Burke residents look to a future for the community where:

  • Burke cultivates a family and community culture.
  • Burke’s economy is diversified and vibrant.
  • Burke is known for its exceptional educational facilities that are up to date and meet the needs of Burke’s growing population.
  • Burke residents have access to year-round, healthy, active, indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Resources and infrastructure in Burke support families and the community.
  • East and West Burke have equal access to resources and offer equal opportunity for residents.
  • Our community is inclusive and welcoming.
  • Burke is a town with economic opportunity.
  • Burke is a place people want to come to vacation, recreate, and spend their dollars.
  • Burke is able to maintain its rural charm and character as it grows.
  • Burke is a community where our youth want to stay and/or return to when they grow up.
  • Burke is a collaborative community where everyone works together on behalf of the town.